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Why Readability launched their new product with a little help from Postmark

As you might be able to tell, we’re extremely design oriented around here - a lot of care goes into making things as usable as possible, and making sure that they’re readable is just as important. That’s why a bunch of our team members have been long-time users of the Arc90 “Readability” bookmarklet.

Over this past weekend, we were pleased to find that they’d launched a full blown Readability product, dedicated to reinventing the experience of reading content anywhere.

Readability uses Postmark for their email delivery.

We were even more pleased to find out that they were using Postmark for their email delivery!

We reached out to find out more about their integration, and CTO Chris Dary responded:

Postmark has been invaluable to Readability in the ways in which we haven’t had to think about it. Typically when dealing with large scale emailing all sorts of annoying issues crop up — confidence of delivery, getting marked as spam, bounced emails are all a major headache that a small team like ours just doesn’t want to deal with. Postmark allows us to forget about them — the time not spent dealing with email problems is worth the price of Postmark many times over.

Thanks Chris, for the kind words and for delivering Readability.

Alex Hillman