Set up DMARC and see who's sending email using your brand's domain.

Timezone support, sender signature redesign and more

Our code magicians rolled out an update today which adds probably one of the most requested features to date: timezone support. To add your timezone, just go to your account settings, set the dropdown to your local timezone, and gone are the days of confusing dates on your activity pages.

Revised Sender Signatures #

We also updated the design of the sender signatures section. We had a few goals when we set out to design this section:

  1. Make it obvious that we can remove the sender signature confirmation requirement when needed (you send from many domains).
  2. Clearly show that DKIM and SPF are only required per domain, not per email.
  3. Organize the list of signatures better, based on each domain.
Postmark's updated Sender Signature area.

Other Things #

  • Ruby 1.9 support for our postmark-gem
  • Server settings and API credentials now have their separated section

We hope you enjoy this round of updates. If you want to stay at the edge, you might want to join our Developer Google Group where we announce some nice things we’re currently working on.

Gilbert Guttmann