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GoSquared turned to Postmark when they needed fast, reliable email delivery

The truth is that not all email is created equally. That is to say, SOME email is extremely important to be delivered reliably, and on time. We’ve found that many Postmark customers rely on us for just that, delivering critical emails like transaction confirmations and invoices, and important account notices like forgot password emails.

We spoke to James Gill, CEO of GoSquared, about his decision to use Postmark for their system-critical emails. They’ve been long-time Wildbit customers (they actively manage a large customer list in Newsberry, our bulk email app), but they had some specific things to say about Postmark:

Before Postmark we were completely blind (as you say in your marketing) to who was receiving our emails and whether people were marking them as spam etc.

With our latest update to LiveStats - version 3.1, we have introduced Traffic Alerts - a feature that’s completely dependent on fast, reliable email delivery. Every time a user’s site is experiencing a traffic spike, LiveStats emails them to alert them. Every email we send goes from Postmark.
Short of sending the alerts via our trusty fleet of carrier pigeons, Postmark is the most reliable way we could possibly have built LiveStats Traffic Alerts.
GoSquared will email a user every time their site experiences a spike in traffic.

Sad as we are to be putting carrier pigeons out of a job, we’re happy to know that GoSquared customers get their critical emails about site traffic on time, every time.

Thanks for sharing with us, James, and for thinking of the pigeons!

Alex Hillman