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Feature Announcement: Domain Verification

Many of you have asked for an easier way to set up email sending from multiple email addresses and domains, and now we’re giving you just that. Today we’re launching Domain Verification — the ability to verify an entire domain for email sending by adding a couple of DNS records to the domain. With Domain Verification you won’t have to verify a new Sender Signature for each email address you want to send from. Every email address on a verified domain will automatically be approved for sending.

Domain Verification is useful in many scenarios, but here are some of the highlights:

  • For companies that send email on behalf of their customers, this is a huge win. Once your customer sets up the DNS record on their domain, you’ll be able to send email from any address on their domain. This process is completely transparent to your customers — no more questions about why they’re getting Sender Signature emails, and no need to wait for a Sender Signature to be confirmed every time you need to send from a new address. For a detailed walkthrough of how to do this, see our new help article called How do I send email on behalf of my customers?
  • For companies that need to send from a variety of email addresses on their domain, this will make things a lot easier as well. Instead of having to verify each email address, you only have to add the DNS records once. Domain verification will be especially useful if you need to send from a dynamic list of email addresses that are generated on the spot (e.g. customer usernames). Instead of having to find a way to verify each individual email address, you can just verify your domain and start sending.
  • For agencies that do work for multiple clients, this means that instead of having to send clients Sender Signature verification emails, you can just add the DNS record to their domain yourself without waiting for Sender Signature verifications.

There are some added benefits to using this feature as well. Because of the way we verify your domain, you’ll also automatically get all the benefits that DKIM and SPF verification bring. You’ll build the domain’s reputation and get improved deliverability — so there’s really no reason not to verify your domains!

Domain verification is available for all customers today. Once you log into your account and go to the Sender Signatures page, you’ll see instructions on how to enable the feature — all you have to do is set up email authentication with DKIM and SPF. We've also added a help article to walk you through the steps to verify a domain: How do I verify a domain?

For existing customers, you might not even have to do anything to have your domains verified. If a domain already has a verified DKIM and SPF records, and your DKIM record is unique to your account (i.e. you don’t have another account with the same domain and DKIM record), that domain will be verified automatically, which means you’ll be able to send from any email address on that domain immediately. Existing customers who share DKIM keys between accounts will see a prompt on the Sender Signatures page to update their DKIM record to a key that’s unique to that account, after which the domain will be verified.

Existing customers, please also note that we’ll be phasing out the “unrestricted sending” feature we currently use to enable customers to send from any email address on a domain under certain circumstances. Domain Verification is a much more effective way to accomplish this goal. We’ll be reaching out to customers with “unrestricted sending” separately to guide them through the migration process.

As part of this release we also made it easier to manage the email addresses you send from. You can now add new email addresses and edit custom Names and Reply-To addresses inline, as opposed to going to a separate page. Everything should feel just a little bit faster!

We hope that you find this feature useful, and we’d love to hear your feedback. You can send us an email directly at 

Rian van der Merwe

Rian van der Merwe

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