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Can I export a list of all bounces?

Postmark allows you to export a list of your message events (including bounces) from out of your message stream's Activity tab into a CSV file. The CSV file is limited to 500 records. You can use the event Filters and Date drop-downs to filter your results into smaller batches, if needed. Otherwise, to export more than 500 records, use our Messages API for retrieving messages in JSON format.

Export bounces through the UI

Use the date filter to limit the number of results (default is set to All time) and Filters to retrieve the specific bounce type you want. After filtering your desired search, select Export.

Export bounces through the UI

Suppressions API

You can use the Suppressions API to pull a Message Stream's suppressed recipients along with their suppression reason (HardBounce, SpamComplaint, ManualSuppression). Or, use the Subscription Change Webhook to be immediately alerted anytime a recipient is added or removed from a Message Stream's Suppression list.

You can also export all currently suppressed bounced recipients from your message stream's Suppressions tab. Visit the Suppressions tab in your stream and there click the Export button. That will export your Suppressions tab into a JSON format file. 

Bounce API

You can also use the Bounce API to get a list of all bounces that have occurred in the past 45 days programmatically or use a Bounce webhook to get immediate notifications as JSON, each time a bounce occurs within a Transactional Message Stream.

Last updated April 11th, 2024

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