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How to fix spam complaints

What does a Spam Complaint mean?

A Spam Complaint occurs when a recipient manually marks an email as spam in their email client. This could in some instances be a mistake by the recipient but usually means they no longer want to receive emails from you or your customer that is sending them email.

We have some great recommendations here on ways to reduce spam complaints going forward. 

Spam Complaints cause the recipient email address to become inactive, automatically being added to the stream's Suppressions tab, so you won’t be able to continue sending to them using Postmark unless they explicitly reach out requesting to receive emails from you or your sender again.

How do I fix it?

You should not be seeing many spam complaints (if any) but there is an action you can take to resume sending to them. If the recipient reaches out to you or your sender and wants to receive emails again, contact us at and let us know to reactivate the recipient’s address.

Last updated July 14th, 2022

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