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What is the difference between a Spam complaint and a Spam Notification bounce?

Spam Complaint

A spam complaint is recorded when a user clicks This is Spam or Mark as Spam from email clients like Yahoo, Hotmail, AOL, etc... from their inbox. While you should not have any spam complaints, they do happen. Once a spam complaint is recorded, Postmark will deactivate this address and will not let you reactivate it. In the email industry, spam complaints are a clear metric to determine abuse and poor sending practices. It’s important that we take these reports seriously to ensure the best delivery for all customers. If you feel a spam complaint has a reason for being reactivated, please contact Postmark support directly.

Spam Notification

This normally means that your content was rejected by a mail server. This could be due to rigid corporate policies in place on the receiving mail server or some bad choice of words in your email that are getting flagged by spam filters. When this happens we recommend passing the full bounce error on to the recipient and they should be able to adjust any rules on their mail server that is causing the email to get blocked.

Please note that Spam Notification bounces do not cause the address to become deactivated in Postmark. If you simply try to send to this user again the request will be honored and delivery will be attempted.

Last updated November 11th, 2016

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