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Integrate Postmark and ActiveCampaign

Send transactional emails from any automation in ActiveCampaign.

If your marketing emails live in one tool and transactional mail in another, creating a cohesive experience can feel like an impossible task. With The Postmark CX App for ActiveCampaign, you can manage all your emails in a single place.

Send transactional emails, no coding required #

Whether you’re looking to send receipts, confirmation emails, payment reminders, or more, with the Postmark CX App for ActiveCampaign, you can set up and automate your transactional emails — without requiring a developer’s help.

Let’s say you’d like to send an email receipt to a customer who just made a purchase before continuing to nurture that customer with promotional emails. Once you connected the Postmark CX App, you can easily add your transactional email to any automation in ActiveCampaign.

An automation including a transactional email sent with Postmark

Use ActiveCampaign’s email editor to create transactional emails #

You don’t love wrangling email HTML? ActiveCampaign’s powerful drag-and-drop email editor makes it easy to create beautiful designs for your transactional emails. Once you’ve created a new template in ActiveCampaign, you can access it via the Postmark App from your automations.

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