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We’re Not Dead Yet

It’s been an interesting first month for me at Wildbit — last week, we heard that Amazon had released a product called “Elastic Beanstalk” (for those who don’t know, one of our other products is called Beanstalk). This morning, we woke up to find that they’d announced a competitor to Postmark.

Don’t worry Amazon, we’re not taking it personally...yet ;)

Seriously, though, the entire team here at Postmark appreciates the concern from our customers and other folks in the industry about what this new Amazon service means for our future. Rest assured that we’re not going anywhere soon.

Amazon has done a great job of leading the web-platform industry, and perhaps most importantly to us, making the realm of new technologies like ours more widely known beyond the commenters at TechCrunch. That means more customers who even know that something like Postmark exists, let alone why they need it.

At the same time, Amazon is not the only player in the market and there are lots of reasons besides price that people choose to use a service. There are many other very successful hosting providers, and there will be just as many (or more) successful companies with the other services that Amazon provides.

We intend to continue developing our products with ease of use and setup, reliability, and exceptional customer support in mind. We’re also bringing a number of years of unique experience in the industry of delivering emails, both transactional and bulk, so we’re excited to see this space evolve and more information be available to our customers (and potential customers) in the coming months and years.

Alex Hillman