Set up DMARC and see who's sending email using your brand's domain.

Webhooks for open tracking are launched

As promised with the release of open tracking, we released the related open tracking webhooks. With webhooks enabled, Postmark will push the open tracking data to a URL you specify each time an open occurs. This notification will contain all of the great information you can see in the Postmark UI, Opens API and Outbound Stats API.

Webhooks are unique to each server in your account. You can add a webhook on the Server Settings page under the “Opens webhook” section.

Enter your webhoook for open tracking

By default, all of your email opens will get posted to your webhook. Postmark differentiates between the first and subsequent opens. Every JSON posted to your webhook will contain the property FirstOpen, showing if this was the first time the recipient opened the email. If you don’t care about subsequent opens, you can set a switch “Post only on first open“ on the Server Settings page.

Select to only get notified for the first open.

Managing webhooks with the API #

All of the webhooks functionality can be managed with the API. On a per-server basis, you can call the /server endpoint using the X-Postmark-Server-Token. If you’re managing more than one server with an Account Token, you can use refer to the Servers API.

Developer contest: 150,000 credit reward #

We’d love to see what you come up with using webhooks and the API with open tracking. We’ll showcase unique examples on our blog, so please share your work in a public GitHub repo. We’ll reward the most interesting or unique implementation with 150,000 free Postmark credits. Just email us with your example. We’ll pick a winner July 31st.

Milan Gornik