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Postmark and Zapier

Automating tasks on your computer has gotten easier and easier. But what if you wanted to automate the internet for yourself? Have you ever wanted to send an email each time a document is created on your Google Drive? What about creating a support ticket automatically when an email is sent to your Postmark Inbound address? Starting today you can do all that and more!

We’ve teamed up with Zapier, an internet automation service that helps you connect all your apps so they can talk to each other and help you get stuff done. In their own words:

There’s a secret language that lets web apps (Evernote, Dropbox, Gmail…) talk to each other. The terrible tragedy is that this language is only spoken by an elite few who possess technical superpowers.Zapier bestows these superpowers upon you!

Today we’re officially releasing our integration with Zapier. There are really hundreds of ways you can use Postmark together with other applications, but here are just a few examples of the superpowers we are unleashing from Postmark for you.

Postmark Inbound -> Desk Support Ticket #

Using the Postmark “New Inbound Message” trigger, you can create a Zap that will automatically setup a new Desk support ticket using the fields in the inbound message. Simply map the fields from the inbound message as you’d like them to appear in your support ticket.

A screenshot of Zapier connecting Postmark and Desk.

Beanstalk New Repository -> Postmark Send an Email #

Let’s say you’d like to have your entire team notified when anyone creates a new repository on Beanstalk? In this case, let’s take advantage of the Beanstalk “New Repository” trigger, map the fields, and have Postmark send your team an email with the details of the new repository.

A screenshot of connecting Beanstalk and Postmark.

Postmark New Bounce -> Google Docs Update Spreadsheet #

Keeping track of bounces in Postmark is an important task. Why not make it easier by automatically having a spreadsheet updated each time a new bounce arrives to your Postmark account? With our Zapier integration it’s easy!

A screenshot of connecting Postmark to Google Docs Spreadsheet.

Zapier supports over 300 internet-connected integrations including the new Postmark triggers and actions we’ve added. Interested to try out some of these Postmark superpowers? Sign up and get 25,000 credits free!

JP Toto