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Postmark Features Update

Recently we released several new Postmark features for Outbound and for Inbound, designed to make using Postmark even easier.

Emoji Support #

On the Outbound side, we added full support for using emoji characters in messages. This was a feature requested often, and we’re excited to add it to the list of functions supported by Postmark. By adding an emoji character to the body of your message, either by SMTP or using the API, Postmark will correctly encode the message to the recipient. Below is an example using an API call and adding the unicode characters directly in the body:

 "From" : "",
 "To" : "",
 "Subject" : "Emoji Smiley",
 "Tag" : "Emoji",
 "TextBody" : "Oh hi smiley -> ud83dude04"

Original Recipient #

For Inbound, we added a new field to the webhook payload to help distinguish between webhook calls when more than one Inbound address is copied on the message. For example, if you use the Inbound domain “” and send a message with and in the To address, your server would receive two identical webhooks from Postmark, one for each address. The challenge was that the two webhooks would be indistinguishable from each other and it was impossible to know which address each hook was for.

To solve this, we are introducing a new field to the Inbound webhook payload called “OriginalRecipient”. From now on, in the above scenario, the OriginalRecipient field will be populated with the Inbound address that the particular webhook call is concerned with. This will help users distinguish in their code, which webhook call is for which address.

Improved Internationalization Support #

This release also includes  a lot of fixes for internationalization support in Postmark. We’ve improved support for KOI8-R (Russian Cyrillic), ISO-8859-1 (Eastern European), and many other character sets. These improvements carry through to both Inbound and Outbound SMTP handling.

Do you have any other feature suggestions? Let us know!

JP Toto