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Get answers faster and easier than ever

Over the last couple of years, we’ve really expanded our documentation. More guides, help docs, blog posts, open source projects, and developer docs. Unfortunately, that proliferation led to fragmentation. So we set aside time to unify all of our documentation into a single home. Now you can browse topics specific to your needs, search across all of our documentation, and even get in touch with a human easier than ever. Welcome to our new support center.

A screenshot of the new help center home page organized by topic and offering search and multiple contact methods.
We've organized our most popular topics and resources for easy browsing from a central place so you don't have to check multiple sources to find the most relevant information.

Now, every word of every help doc, labs project, API doc, blog post, guide, and every other page on the Postmark site is available under a single search. You provide the topic, and we’ll give you organized and weighted results. You can even filter if you know you're looking for a specific type of resource.

A screenshot of search results for 'dmarc' showing our guide, blog posts, and relevant help docs.
Search across all of our documentation and filter for select resources all from one place.

Of course, no matter how much documentation we provide or how extensive the search functionality is, sometimes, nothing beats talking to a real human. Whether that’s via email, live chat, or even on the phone, we’ve worked to make it easier than ever to reach out and ask. We’ve even worked to make it a little more clear about how quickly to expect a response as well as introducing you to the folks that you’ll hear from.

A screenshot of introductions to Dana, Marek, and Patrick from our customer success team.
We're big fans of personal service, so we want you to be able to put a face (and a voice) with the names.

Whether email, Twitter, live chat, or even the phone, we want to help. We don't want you to jump through hoops to be able to talk to us. If you want to skip all of that, there’s no need to login or do a search first. You don't even have to be a paying customer. Just get in touch when and how you want to. We’re here for you. 

A screenshot of our slightly updated contact form.
With Postmark, you're not firing off an email into a vacuum. We're here to help, and we do our best to be completely transparent about our response times.

We really hope these updates make developer easier and get you up and running as quickly as possible. If you have any questions or feedback, you know where to reach us.

Garrett Dimon

Garrett Dimon

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