Set up DMARC and see who's sending email using your brand's domain.

Checking Spam Scores is now as easy as Postmark

Postmark’s sending infrastructure works to carefully, quickly, and accurately deliver your transactional emails to your customers’ inboxes. The most common problems that occur outside of our configurations are related to content, and our customer service team often works with customers to improve dodgy email content that’s causing emails to land in the spam filter.

Today we’re announcing a new easy and free API to help you score the quality of your outbound (and inbound) emails. This JSON API provides easy and fast programmatic usage of the spam filter tool SpamAssassin.

Check your spam score with Postmark

Simply POST an email’s contents, all headers included, against our API and we’ll return a score. If you want, we can also return a full report in your call.

Not API savvy? No problem! Our landing page for the API provides a fully functional scoring & reporting tool for you without having to ever write a line of code.

Write an API wrapper, Get Free Postmark Credits

This API is silly-simple, but we want to make sure that it’s useful. One way to do that is to make sure that there’s a simple interface to it in everyone’s favorite programming languages & frameworks.

We’ll give 10,000 free Postmark credits to the first person to write and open source a complete API wrapper for our Spam Score API in a given language/framework. We’ll compile a directory of the wrappers and publish them along with the API.

Our own Oren Mazor (who wrote the API) has provided an example library in Python, if you’re looking for patterns to follow.

To submit an API wrapper, email a link to your repository to We’ll provide the free Postmark credits to one winner per language/framework, based on the timestamp of the submission.

HackerNews Discussion

We “soft” released this on Friday night and there was some great discussion on HackerNews, spending most of the weekend on the home page. Jump over to the comments thread to see what people think!

Alex Hillman