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A completely redesigned email activity

We’re extremely excited to have launched our newly designed email activity today. It’s been a long time coming and was not an easy feat for both design and the back-end architecture. When you log into Postmark and view the activity for your emails you will notice some nice changes. Here are some of the improvements that you can expect.

Improved handling of multiple recipients #

In the previous design, even if you sent to multiple recipients (to:, cc:, bcc:) you would still only see the first as the recipient. The rest of the recipients could only be seen in the raw email view. In addition, when searching, it was only based on that one recipient.

With the new design, you can easily see each recipient in plain view along with the status of each recipient or whether there was an issue sending to that person. Here is a good comparison to the before and after:


What email delivery activity used to look like on Postmark


Updated email activity view. Now you can track multiple recipients from the dashboard!

View detailed information for each recipient #

As part of this upgrade, you can now see a detailed page for each recipient, including all messages sent to that recipient and any delivery issues that have occurred over time. This lets you drill down to each individual person to see what messages they have received over time from your app.

Now there's a page with all the message details for a recipient over time.

Consistency between SMTP and API #

Previously, if you sent some messages via our SMTP endpoint and use the API for others, you would see a completely different structure. For instance, via SMTP all multiple recipient emails displayed as individual messages. From now on, all messages will be consistent no matter which end point you choose.

Up Next: Filter by date #

Right around the corner and part of this design is the ability to select date ranges when you search for emails. This will come in handy if you need to limit the scope of a search to a range you already have in mind or you are trying to find a specific message.

You can select date ranges when you want to research delivery from Postmark.

Important: Delayed Digests #

On the surface this might seem like a small update, but behind the scenes it has taken many months of changes and planning. Over the weekend we had to rebuild our Elastic Search index, containing hundreds of millions of records, to prepare for the new system. Due to the change we have to slightly delay when our email digests are sent. We hope to have all digests sent by Wednesday.

Let us know what you think! #

This is a big change, so we’d love to hear your thoughts. We do expect some small updates as we go and your feedback will help us get there sooner. I really hope you enjoy it.

Chris Nagele

Chris Nagele

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