100,000 free credits to help us support DMARC

At Postmark, we believe strongly in the importance of email authentication for the greater good of the internet and, of course, improved deliverability for our customers. On that front, DMARC is a newer standard that builds on SPF and DKIM to help prevent phishing, and it’s one we believe strongly in supporting.

We recently ran a campaign to help increase awareness and adoption of DMARC, and the results of that campaign were phenomenal. We also know a lot of folks are in the midst of switching providers right now. We don’t want to just give away free accounts and credits. But if we can support email authentication and help make switching a little less painful, we’d love to welcome and support anyone who cares as much about deliverability as we do.

So we’d like to bring it back. Through the end of March, any new or existing accounts that have not yet implemented DMARC will receive 100,000 free credits for doing so. Just setup a DMARC record and custom return-path to take advantage. That’s a $150 value for about 5–10 minutes of work. 

Not familiar with the the ins and outs of DMARC? Not to worry, you can still benefit from setting it up. And we’ve written a detailed guide on DMARC to help explain how it works if you’d like to learn more .

What do you need to do?

  1. Create a DMARC record for at least one email domain you use on Postmark. We’ve built a free DMARC tool that makes this easy.
  2. In your Postmark account, setup a custom return-path for that domain.
  3. Email support, and let us know that you’ve setup a custom Return-Path and DMARC.
  4. Enjoy your 100,000 free credits.

Best of all, the free credits are just the icing on the cake. By implementing DMARC, you’ll be taking steps to help improve the security of your domain and protecting it from anyone that might use it for phishing scams. Thanks for helping support DMARC and grow awareness for improved email authentication!

And if you're new to Postmark we have a quick overview on getting started with Postmark article that may help.