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Why Postmark?

  1. Be confident about delivery, and say goodbye to missing or delayed emails.

    Uptime and inbox rates aren’t enough. Even slightly delayed emails increase your support load and cost you money. With transactional email, speed to the inbox is what really matters, and that’s where Postmark excels.

  2. Access 45 days of full content history, recipients, message events, and more.

    You need to know exactly what happens to each and every email that you send so that you can always be 100% confident that it arrived. Postmark maintains 45 days worth of full content history to help you troubleshoot.

  3. Gain all the flexibility of your own email infrastructure with none of the hassle.

    The API is just the beginning. A full range of client libraries, web hooks, templates, and email authentication help make Postmark a transparent part of your infrastructure that you never have to worry about. 

  4. Responsive, well-tested, highly compatible, and nicely integrated templates.

    Email has come a long ways, and people expect more from emails. But building, testing, and managing email templates is tedious and time-consuming. So let us handle it.

  5. Receive and parse customer emails with ease using inbound processing.

    Postmark’s inbound processing frees you to make full email integration a first- class interface to your web application. Read messages and save attachments with a just a little bit of JSON.

    Inbound processing
  6. Know you're in good hands with our seriously attentive support team.

    If our tools, help docs, and guides aren’t enough, our support team is accessible and knowledgeable. When they can’t solve your problem right away, they put you directly in touch with our engineers.


I was shocked to see Postmark open rates were an 11% improvement over SES in our test. Needless to say we started sending all of our transactional email through Postmark.

Dave Marshall

Dave Marshall

CTO at Childcare.co.uk

Let’s get personal

Postmark is run by Wildbit, a software company founded in 1999 in Philadelphia. We built Postmark while running Beanstalk, and we felt completely blind for emails being sent from our web app. With existing knowledge in email delivery, we decided to tackle the problem ourselves. We’re profitable, debt-free and privately owned. Since 2010 we’ve sent billions of emails for customers, bringing better visibility and inbox rates for transactional email.

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