Postmark for iOS

The Postmark iOS app makes it easy to troubleshoot and resolve common delivery issues from your iPhone and iPad.

  • Magnifying glass over an open envelope.

    Message Search

    Quickly find a specific message by searching your outbound and inbound activity.

  • Three example emails.

    Full Message Content

    Access content previews, message details, and recipient events for each message.

  • An enveloper with "return to sender" stamped on it.


    Investigate why a message bounced and reactivate disabled recipients once the issue is resolved.

  • An email converting to JSON.

    Inbound Messages

    Retry failed inbound messages and process messages that were caught by inbound blocking.

  • Two paper planes.

    Multiple Accounts

    Effortlessly switch between multiple Postmark accounts without the need to re-authenticate.

  • Sealed envelope.


    Protect your Postmark data by requiring Face ID or Touch ID to access the app.

Join the Beta Program

Become a beta tester and check out the app before its public release later this year.

Access to an account API token is required to connect your Postmark account. This is available to users with account admin privileges.