How long are Inbound and Outbound messages stored in activity?

Postmark collects and retains content and metadata for all emails for 45 days to give customers the ability to access their full message history during that time.

After 45 days, original email content and metadata are removed from our system. For bounce reports the original email content is also removed after 45 days, but metadata and the content of the actual bounce message are retained for up to 1 year to enable troubleshooting. Blocked inbound messages are kept for 10 days before being discarded.

After this time the bounce message content and some metadata are removed, but we retain certain fields like Recipient, Subject, Sender, Date, and Bounce details indefinitely for compliance purposes. This is essential data for accurate spam and delivery monitoring, and to have a record in circumstances where end users ask about why/how they are getting emails from certain companies.

If you are trying to search for a sent message that is older than the retention limit it will no longer appear in your search results, and we no longer have any record of the content. This does not affect email statistics and all sent messages regardless of how long ago they were sent will still remain in your total sent volume. If there is no bounce, we sent the email.

If you need to store all messages indefinitely or for longer than the retention limit, we have our Messages API available for retrieving messages in JSON format for storing in your own database. Use our Postmark API Explorer to test making the API call to get your messages before developing your integration.

Last updated April 24th, 2019

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