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Managing your own unsubscribe process

By default, Postmark handles the unsubscribe process, including unsubscribe lists, landing pages, and links for you. We understand that some customers already have tools and systems in place to manage unsubscribes themselves. In this case, we can disable Postmark’s default unsubscribe handling, but there are a few things you should know before you go down that path:  

Managing unsubscribes on your own requires approval from our team

If you’re looking to use your own unsubscribe systems, please reach out to our support team and tell us a little more about how you’re managing unsubscribes. Our support team can then enable this option for you: 

The option to manage unsubscribes on your own will only show in your Postmark account after our Customer Support Team enabled it.

Important considerations when using your own unsubscribe system

If you opt to use your own unsubscribe systems, you are fully responsible for making sure that your unsubscribe process is compliant with the law, and you also need to stay on top of any guidelines inbox providers might set for senders regarding their unsubscribe management.

That includes: 

  • Include a visible unsubscribe in every broadcast messageCAN-SPAM and other anti-spam regulations require you to include a working unsubscribe link in every broadcast message you send. So make sure you include one in every email, and ensure you never send email to recipients who’ve previously unsubscribed. Learn more about why broadcast emails require unsubscribe links →
  • You must include list-unsubscribe headers Gmail and Yahoo require working list unsubscribe headers for broadcast mail—and if you fail to include those, your emails might no longer reach the inbox. If you’re managing your own unsubscribe system, Postmark no longer includes these headers for you, and you’ll have to make sure you include the right headers when sending your emails. Learn more about list unsubscribe headers when managing your own unsubscribes → 

Managing your own unsubscribe flow takes work and effort and requires you to stay up-to-date on new industry requirements. If you’d rather not carry that responsibility, we strongly recommend you to let Postmark manage your unsubscribes for you. 

Last updated February 19th, 2024

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