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Why Broadcasts require an unsubscribe link

Every message sent through a Broadcast Message Stream in Postmark requires an unsubscribe link which Postmark will automatically include in each message. Unsubscribes can be managed through Postmark’s Suppressions for each Stream. To customize the unsubscribe link, it’s possible to adjust the wording or styling of the link.

Unsubscribe links follow permission-based sending by providing a recipient a way to opt-out of future messages, along with complying with CAN-SPAM federal regulations. An unsubscribe process for a recipient that’s easy to use reduces abuse/spam complaints and allows you to maintain better deliverability by only sending to recipients who have opted to receive your messages.

If you are managing your own unsubscribe process for your Broadcast sending through Postmark, please review our documentation on how to properly manage your own unsubscribe process for your bulk sending through Postmark

Last updated February 19th, 2024

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