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Can I transfer a server to a new account?

It is not possible to transfer any data between Postmark accounts, including servers, activity, templates, or domains/sender signatures.

Frequently asked questions:

Let's jump straight into addressing what questions or concerns you might have around not being able to transfer a server:

1. Do I have to re-confirm sender signatures in my new account and update DNS settings?

Sender signatures and domains are verified per account, so they would need to once again be added and verified in your new account. That means the DKIM record will also be different in the new account, so you will want to be sure to add the new records generated for the sending domains from the new account to the domains' DNS.

2. Can I add DKIM records twice to my DNS settings? 

It's normal to have multiple DKIM records in your DNS, one for each of the sources you are sending from. This is perfectly fine and won't cause any trouble

3. How can I avoid any downtime when setting everything up in the new account?

You can have the same domain and signatures added and verified in multiple Postmark accounts, so we’d suggest getting those set up and verified first before updating your sending application with the new credentials/token.

Things to remember:

  • Make sure to update your sending application with the server API token or SMTP credentials used for sending from the new account. 
  • Even though you’re not able to transfer data from one server to another, you might still want to export the historical data for your old server by using the messages and bounce API to keep for reference. Keep in mind that after 45 days, original email content and metadata are removed from our system. You can also use our Stats API as these statistics are stored permanently and don’t expire.

Last updated July 17th, 2019

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