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Postmark joins ActiveCampaign — FAQ

Do you have any questions about the Postmark acquisition and what it means for you as a customer? We’ve got answers.

📝 We continuously update this page with more questions (and answers, of course!)
The last update was on October 19th, 2022.

Postmark and DMARC Digests have joined ActiveCampaign. You probably have some questions about what that means for you as a Postmark customer.

We know that y’all expect these types of announcements to say “nothing is going to change!”— and then everyone rolls their eyes. Instead, we’ll tell you that things are going to change, in places where the change should add value to Postmark customers and ActiveCampaign customers alike. And if these changes don’t add value, or worse yet, create an unexpected result for you and your business, we expect you to let us know and hold us accountable.

Do you have a question that isn’t covered yet? Send us a note. Whether you’d like to know if Postmark’s pricing will change (no) or whether we’re keeping our yellow (oh yes!), we’ll get you the answers to all your questions and will continue to update this page.

Will Postmark continue to be available as a standalone product? #

Yes! The ActiveCampaign team emphasized very early in our conversations that they want Postmark to continue to grow and thrive in its own right. There is no plan to roll Postmark into ActiveCampaign’s platform and sunset it. Postmark will remain available as a standalone product.

Who will provide Postmark support, and who should I contact for help? #

You should continue using all of our usual support channels, and you’ll still hear from Dana, Brian, Anna, Shelley, Abdu, Anita, Fi, Nat, and Jordan whenever you have a question. The same goes for when you ask to “talk to sales”—you’ll still get a reply from Rian, our Head of Product.

You may hear from some new folks, too. ActiveCampaign is going to immediately support hiring goals to bring more folks on to help build and support Postmark as it continues to grow. As Dana, our Head of Customer Success, says: one of the best things about this change is that we’ll have more hands to do more of the things we’ve been dreaming up.

Should I expect service interruptions or a drop in deliverability? #

No. The backend of how we send and process email—including our sending IPs, mail servers, or how we route mail via Message Streams—will remain separate from ActiveCampaign, so there won’t be any major backend changes that could lead to downtime, service interruptions, or a decrease in deliverability rates.

Will Postmark’s pricing change? #

No. ActiveCampaign has never raised prices on existing customers—and of course the same is true for Postmark customers. Just like any other SaaS business, both ActiveCampaign and Postmark have changed their plans and prices in the past—but both companies have never raised prices on existing customers.

You've bootstrapped Postmark for more than 10 years. Why are you changing that approach now? #

Being independent and bootstrapped for 21 years is a badge we wear with honor. We’re proud of where that history has brought us, and we remain passionate about others who choose this path. Our founders, Chris and Natalie, have always maintained that people are allowed to change, and as such products are allowed to change as well. For a deeper, more personal insight into why Chris and Natalie made this decision, check out the Wildbit blog.

Postmark has grown to be an incredibly beloved application, used by companies large and small. And it continues to grow, with a team that has big, bold visions of what it can be. Staying independent and bootstrapped got us to where we are, and partnering with a larger company will allow Postmark to reach new heights that our little bootstrapped business could never do.

Can Postmark customers get access to ActiveCampaign? #

We're working closely with the ActiveCampaign team to add Postmark functionality to the ActiveCampaign product, so that ActiveCampaign users can use Postmark without needing to use two separate applications. With the Postmark CX App for ActiveCampaign you can trigger transactional emails from any automation in ActiveCampaign. Combine ActiveCampaign’s powerful marketing automation features with Postmark’s reliable transactional email sending infrastructure and manage all of your emails in a single place.

What happens to the Postmark brand? #

The Postmark brand is well known and loved. While you might notice that our logo now says “ActiveCampaign Postmark”, we will remain your favorite yellow email delivery service.

Will Postmark change its manual approval process or other processes that impact deliverability? #

No. We definitely don't plan to change any of the things we do to ensure the highest deliverability in the industry. We are not, for example, making any changes to the manual approval process. We’ll also continue to remove spammers and anyone who attempts to send spam from the Postmark platform. Processes like these are our secret sauce for Postmark’s stellar deliverability—and they aren’t going away.