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When you run a digital agency and your job is to support brands in growing their business, stability and trust are a must-have in all the projects you deliver—and the partners you choose should exemplify the same priorities. That is why Michel and his team at Enflow, a digital agency that specializes in custom web application development, chose Postmark in 2018—and they haven't looked back since.

Results matter, especially when it's emails in the inbox

As a Dutch company, Michel and his team are aware that Outlook is a major player in the Netherlands. So when their email provider started to have problems getting messages to Outlook users, the Enflow team had to rapidly look for alternatives.

After finding Postmark, Michel and his team needed to migrate all of their clients to it. Making a change like this can be quite stressful, because any problem, however small, can end up affecting a company’s entire customer base.

But the process was easier than expected, and everybody involved—Michel, his team, and all their clients—experienced an immediate positive change. Not only did messages start getting delivered to the end recipient once again, the Enflow folks haven’t had a problem sending to Outlook since.

Before Postmark, poor email delivery started to result in a lot of support requests for us. So once we tried Postmark, we never looked back—every application we’ve built uses it.

Those kinds of results matter to a small business owner.

Different user permissions give control to the end customer

When you manage email sending on behalf of your customers, it's a big advantage to enable them to see the results. Each client Enflow serves is set up on a separate Postmark server. You can picture a server as a folder that holds all emails for that client. And thanks to Postmark's flexible user permissions, Enflow can set up certain clients with their own user accounts, where they can view just the servers related to their business.

Postmark's default set up with servers allows agencies like Enflow to separate the sending and billing of their own clients, while also allowing the client to get the insights they need into their messages. Everyone wins.

Stability is the key to earning trust

Providing intuitive, clean solutions for every project is a huge priority for Michel and his team at Enflow. Whether they're building an application for a client or for their products (like redirect pizza), Michel strives for stability. And that shows in how they choose partners to deliver their products.

A sample email from

Having used alternatives in the past, the Enflow team experienced problems (emails not getting delivered) and had little to no ability to resolve them. So when searching for alternatives, Postmark's reputation for reliability and fantastic customer service caught their attention. Since making the switch to Postmark, they've been ecstatic about the results.

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