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Postmark Office Hours

30 minutes

Office Hours Overview

Ask us anything about
Message Streams

(and whatever else you want to know about Postmark)

On March 11th and 24th, we assembled a bunch of smart Postmark people, like Rian (Head of Product) and our Customer Success team, for our first ever Postmark Office Hours. Where we helped answer your burning questions about Message Streams and all things Postmark-related. Heck, even baby Yoda and Brian's dog Mars were there!

But don't worry if you missed the sessions live. No FOMO for you! We recorded both sessions and edited them together so you wouldn't miss a thing. Feel free to watch the video above, featuring the best questions and answers from both Postmark Office Hours sessions.

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Hosted by

  • Jordan Dibb

    Jordan Dibb

    Really likes 🍩 and 🍦. And 🥧. And food. Watches Breaking Bad when not watching Arrested Development. 🐝?! Minnesotan dontcha know.
  • Mars


    Brian's dog and remote work companion. Loves playing fetch.
  • Brian Kerr

    Brian Kerr

    Customer Centric. Purveyor of fine coffee. Part time cyclist.
  • Shelley Jeżewska

    Shelley Jeżewska

    A fan of hiking, travelling, and hot chocolates. Shelley enjoys helping Postmark customers from her home in Poland.
  • Fionnuala Walls

    Fionnuala Walls

    Hailing from County Derry in Northern Ireland, Fionnuala is all about coffee (sometimes "Irish"!), live music and running after her kids.
  • Natalie Keshlear

    Natalie Keshlear

    Outdoors enthusiast, book nerd, lover of dogs, photography, music and mountains.
  • Rian van der Merwe

    Rian van der Merwe

    Product person. Lover of family, coffee, and vinyl records.
  • Dana Chaby

    Dana Chaby

    Fitness fanatic, sport fishing enthusiast, and software support goddess. Dana enjoys helping Postmark customers from her beach house on the east coast.

During this 30 minute office hours, you’ll learn about…

  • The power of
    Message Streams

  • How to send
    Broadcast email

  • Best practices for
    sending Broadcast mail

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