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Introducing Broadcast Message Streams

30 minutes

Webinar Overview

Say "Oh, hey!" to Broadcast Message Streams, the perfect way to send all of your bulk application messages through Postmark.

Join us as we go over why Postmark is no longer only for transactional messaging, what types of messages are a good fit for Broadcast Message Streams, and learn about all the new features that have joined the party with the release of our Broadcast Message Streams. Unsubscribe links! Message Stream creation buttons! New API endpoints!

And watch our support video to learn more about how Message Streams work within your Postmark account.

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During this 30 minute webinar, you’ll learn about…

  • Message Streams

    Learn more about Broadcast Message Streams and why Postmark is no longer just for transactional messages.

  • Unsubscribes

    We'll go over how our new unsubscribe feature works, along with an overview of our Suppressions tab

  • API

    We'll cover how to create and send through Message Streams via our API.

  • Best Practices

    We'll take a look at what kind of bulk messages are a good fit for Broadcast Message Streams.

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