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How Postmark can help you send more effective emails

30 minutes

Webinar Overview

Crafting emails is difficult and not for the faint of heart. This webinar will dive into the techniques you should apply to your transactional emails to ensure they provide value to recipients. We’ll also explain how transactional emails are just another interface to your software and why you should dedicate the same level of attention to their design as you would give when designing any other customer interaction.

Hosted by

  • Ashley Harpp

    Ashley Harpp

    Bookworm. Coffee enthusiast. All around optimist. Ashley enjoys helping Postmark customers from her home in southeast US.
  • Patrick Graham

    Patrick Graham

    Gym rat, drive-in mutant, fantasy novel junkie, and software engineer.

During this 30 minute webinar, you’ll learn about…

  • Checklist

    Best practices for sending transactional emails.

  • Bounces

    Common mistakes made when sending transactional emails.

  • Guides

    How Postmark can help you send effective emails.

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