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Rebound FAQ

What exactly is Rebound?#

Rebound is a Postmark tool that generates a custom Javascript snippet that you can add to your web app. This snippet will result in an in-app banner warning when a message you sent to the customer hard bounced. 

What are Rebound’s prerequisites for your app?#

Your app must have an account view where users log in and would have an opportunity to see the banner after they log in. The Rebound Javascript snippet is installed near the app’s closing tag.

When does a user see the banner?#

When they sign in to their account they'll have an alert that an email to them bounced.

Do I need a Postmark account for this to work?#

Yes, Rebound connects to your Postmark account to work.

Is Rebound a good substitute for Recaptcha, email address validation API?#

No, Rebound will not help ensure signup or form filling is done by a robot or not, we’ve written about those here When Spambots Attack: Protecting Your Forms From Abuse.

Where can I find Rebound API Documentation?#

Here it is Rebound API Docs.

Does rebound set any cookies?#

Rebound sets a cookie called "pm_rebound" when the alert is closed so that we know not to show it again.

Last updated November 17th, 2022

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