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Open Source Templates Customizer Tool FAQ

UPDATE: This tool is no longer available. Sorry for any confusion!

We created an open source tool for anyone to generate SaaS email templates. Check it out — Open Source Email Templates for SaaS Startups.

Do I need to be a Postmark customer to use this tool?

Nope! You can generate templates for use with this tool without needing to make a purchase or be a customer of Postmark.

Are these templates compatible with my current email provider?

Yes — these templates are not Postmark specific, so can be used with any email provider.

Can I create a login to access templates I have customized?

No — there is not an option for registering a login for the customization tool. You would need to redo your customizations if you no longer have the downloaded template files.

Can I modify the content of the templates?

You cannot adjust the content within the tool but after downloading your custom templates you can tweak the content within the downloaded files.

What format are the downloaded template files?

The templates are downloaded as TXT and HTML files. The TXT files are for the plain text email parts and the HTML files are for the HTML parts.

Can I use different fonts for different sections?

The font can only be adjusted for the entire template you are currently customizing. If you want to use different fonts for different sections, you can change it in the downloaded HTML file for the template.

Last updated August 22nd, 2022

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