Can I use the Postmark for WordPress plugin with Gravity Forms?

Gravity Forms use the wp_mail function for sending email by default, so forms built using Gravity Forms are compatible with the Postmark for WordPress plugin.

New Gravity forms send from the WordPress admin address, so you will just need to be sure to update the From address used on your contact form notifications to be an address that has been confirmed as a sender signature on your Postmark account or is on a domain you have verified.

To change the From address being used for the contact form, head to Forms > Settings (on the contact form you want to use edit) > Notifications from the WordPress admin page.

You can then update the From address for the contact form notifications to be a valid address that is set up for sending with Postmark:

Use the 'Reply To' field only if you want the person filling out the contact form to be able to reply to the notification and have the reply sent to a different address than the From address.

Last updated July 25th, 2018

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