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How do I send with Ninja Forms and Postmark for WordPress?

Postmark for WordPress can be used in conjunction with Ninja Forms so that your contact forms are sent through Postmark. This help article will walk you through the necessary steps to use Postmark for a Ninja Form contact form. Once you have set up Postmark for WordPress and confirmed it is working, use the steps below to make your Ninja Form compatible with the plugin.

Open Ninja Forms from the WordPress admin page then click Settings Gear Icon > Edit for the contact form.
Click Email & Actions, then click the settings gear icon for the form to edit . In the Advanced section, enter in the From Name and From email address to use for sending the notification and save
If you do not see the From Name and From Address options, enable developer mode for the plugin in Ninja Forms > Settings. The option is labeled Form Builder "Dev Mode".
Please note that in order to send the contact form through Postmark, the form must be sent from a confirmed Sender Signature or email address on one of your verified domains. Use the Preview button in the above area to send a test message using your Ninja Form and Postmark for WordPress
Last updated April 30th, 2020

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