Use Postmark to Send Emails from Craft CMS

This tutorial will show you how to configure Craft to send emails through Postmark using SMTP.

Configure Postmark

If you are using a new Postmark account, first you will need to set up a server and Sender Signature in your Postmark account. Please follow this walkthrough on setting these up. Once these steps are completed, you can continue using this tutorial to send through Postmark with your Craft instance.

Before accessing your Craft settings, ensure that SMTP is enabled on your Postmark stream you intend to send from. Open your server you set up in Postmark. Then the message stream you’re looking to receive the SMTP settings from. The select Settings. Enable SMTP for the stream..

Enable SMTP for the server

Configure Craft’s Email Settings

  1. Log into your Craft admin area and click Settings, then click Email. This will show you your current email settings for your Craft instance.
  2. Change the Protocol to SMTP. This will tell Craft to send emails using SMTP. Also, ensure that your System Email Address in your Craft Email Settings matches your confirmed Sender Signature email address in Postmark.
  3. For Host Name, use and check ‘Use SMTP authentication’. Next, change the SMTP Secure Transport Type to TLS.
  4. Head over to Postmark and access your Server API Token. This can be accessed from your server you set up previously in the API Tokens area. Copy this token.Return to your tab with your Craft email settings. Enter in your Server API Token we just copied for both Username and Password
  5. Then click Test to generate a Test email from Craft. You will see a modal confirming the test went through successfully or receive an error.
  6. Tip: If your test email results in an error, try using ports 587 or 2525, instead of port 25. Some ISPs or hosts will block port 25, so you may need to use 587 or 2525.
  7. Be sure to save your email settings at the top before leaving your Craft settings.


Emails sent from Craft should now appear in the Activity area for the server you set up to use with Craft, including the test email you just generated.

Emails sent from Craft will now be going through Postmark using SMTP. Send some emails from Craft to an inbox you can access to confirm it is working.

Last updated August 9th, 2020

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