Great deliverability without upgrading to dedicated IP. Some providers say it can’t be done. We disagree.

The Postmark Slack App

Keep on top of your transactional email by receiving bounce notifications, status updates, and more in Slack.
Illustrated slack app interface with alert icons.

Status Updates

Get updates in your Slack channel whenever we add or update an incident on our status page.

A screenshot of a Postmark status update in Slack.

Bounce Notifications

Send Bounce notification messages from Postmark to a Slack channel of your choice. The notification also provides a direct link to the Message Details page so that you can investigate further.

A screenshot of a Postmark bounce notification in Slack.

The /postmark command

Quickly access Postmark documentation and status updates using the /postmark command.

Postmark Status

/postmark status

Get the current Postmark service status.

/postmark status on|off

Toggle automatic status updates by specifying on or off after the status command.

A screenshot of a Postmark status update in Slack.

Postmark Docs

/postmark docs

Get a link to the Postmark developer documentation.

A screenshot of a link to the Postmark docs in Slack.