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  • Best Practices for Account Security

    While Postmark is secure and redundant, these are some best practices you can take to help protect your Postmark account.Don’t share user accounts# Be…

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  • Best practices for testing your emails through Postmark

    Before you start sending emails to real users in your production environment, it’s always a good idea to start by sending test messages. You might even…

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  • What types of messages are a good fit for Postmark?

    We take our responsibility of sending your business-critical application emails seriously. In order to maintain our high level of reliability, time to inbox,…

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  • How to test bounces

    Along with our Sandbox mode feature, Postmark offers a black hole domain  ( to test bounces. This can be useful…

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  • What are bounces and spam complaints?

    A bounce is when an email is returned back to Postmark’s email servers after being sent. This can happen for many reasons: Hard Bounce: The email…

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  • Can I send bulk emails?

    One of the questions we hear most often at Postmark is, What is the difference between transactional email and bulk or marketing email? In this article, we’ll…

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  • How do I send email on behalf of my customers?

    If you work for a web agency, operate a helpdesk/CRM service, or run an online marketplace or platform, chances are you need to send emails on behalf of your…

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  • Getting started with Postmark

    Once you know you’d like to use Postmark, migrating is super-easy. Depending on your desired approach, you can either integrate directly via SMTP settings…

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  • Troubleshooting email delivery issues

    From time to time our customers email us asking to troubleshoot delivery issues to an ISP (Gmail, Yahoo, etc). The steps to troubleshoot the problem are…

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  • What are the Attachment and Email Size Limits?

    Emails and attachments have size limits for both sending outbound messages through Postmark or receiving messages as JSON with inbound processing. This…

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