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Integrate Postmark and Tabular

Design custom Postmark email templates using Tabular's email template builder.

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Tabular is a no-code email template builder that lets you visually build custom HTML email designs. Perfect for designing custom transactional and broadcast emails that match your brand. Design emails that will bring your (web)app experience to the next level - together or alone - with Tabular. It gives you full control over how your emails look on desktop and mobile devices. And, automatically generates responsive email HTML that looks perfect in 50+ major email clients. Make your templates personal, by adding Postmark's Mustachio language right inside Tabular's editor by using Tabular's variables and dynamic content features. If you need some inspiration, see Tabular's email templates. Otherwise, you can always make an email yourself from scratch on a blank Tabular canvas. Connect Tabular to your Postmark account by using your Server API Key. After adding the authorization once, you can create and update new versions of your Tabular emails directly to your Postmark Server with a single click. Learn more.

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