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Integrate Postmark and Bubble

Send your Bubble emails with Postmark and improve your email delivery.

If you're a Bubbler looking for a reliable way to deliver your apps emails, we’ve got your back. Integrate Postmark with Bubble and your emails will make it to the inbox fast and reliably.

Whether it's account confirmations, password resets, or notifications, getting crucial application emails delivered to your users' inboxes is important. Here at Postmark, we help you do just that—and fellow Bubble users are loving us for it.

You have two options for integrating Bubble with Postmark: You can use one of the pre-built community plugins or connect Postmark using Bubble's API connector.

If you're not familiar with the API connector, our friend James Devonport put together this fantastic tutorial on how to use the connector to send personalized welcome emails with Bubble and Postmark. Check it out!

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