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Yapmo eases the pain of internal communications. They rely on Postmark to power their email.

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Yapmo replaces internal email with an online community designed for work. They provide shared spaces for people to tap into the collective knowledge of their community without the pain of constant notifications. Part of the secret to achieving this balance without information overload is Yapmo’s flexible alert system. Flexible alerts give people a choice on how they’d like to stay informed. One of the key ways many people choose to stay in touch is by receiving relevant Yapmo content via email.

Relying on Postmark instead of reinventing the wheel

Yapmo relies on Postmark to send those emails. Claire Schlafly, VP of Operations at Yapmo, told us, “Early in the life of our company we were sending email through our own infrastructure. As our growth took off, we needed to scale our servers but didn’t have enough engineering or systems time to develop and scale this really important part of our stack. After a bit of research, we decided to use Postmark until we could build our own email solution. As time went on, we realized we’d rather stick with Postmark than try and reinvent the wheel. This gives us more time to work on features in our core product, while Postmark takes care of everything email related for us.”

Trusting Postmark with critical infrastructure

Not everyone uses email to stay in the loop with Yapmo, but it’s how many of their users choose to keep up to date. “Our entire business hinges on being the best possible communication channel. Email deliverability and reliability are a key part of keeping anyone who chooses to use email notification with Yapmo in the loop. Our customers rely on us to send critical updates and business information, and they trust that we'll deliver their messages. Delayed or undeliverable emails destroy the trust and relationships we've worked hard to build with our customers. This loss of trust and reliability means frustration for users, frustration for management, and ultimately, lost revenue for Yapmo.”

Reliability second-to-none

Yapmo trusts Postmark to deliver email to their users because they’ve seen problems first hand with other vendors. “Our experience with the Postmark team has been fantastic. Our emails are sent on time and deliverability is high. We know we can rely on Postmark.”

All of these factors make it easy for Yapmo to continue to trust Postmark to send over a million emails every month. “In general, Yapmo doesn't outsource development needs - it's our preference to build internally. Postmark is the only exception to this rule. The reason for this is simple: Postmark is reliable, cost effective, and gets the job done. They're best at what they do, and it lets us spend our time on our core business."

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