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Postmark helped LiveChat scale to 10,000 customers

  • Customer since July 2011
  • Postmark features
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    • Open Tracking
  • Emails sent or processed 200k / day

For the last 12 years, LiveChat has been building a single product that lets other companies provide great customer support in real time. We especially love their company motto – “Keep it simple!” We spoke with Bartosz Olchówka, Head of Development, to learn more about how they use Postmark.

It just works

“At some point we started suffering from handling all of the email stuff. We had been using an installable solution that we had to maintain, upgrade, etc. Then we found Postmark which handled all of this stuff itself. Postmark has a good API that lets us send emails using our systems very easily. It’s software that just works - and it’s this simplicity and stability that we truly appreciate.”

We love to hear that. Unlike most interface driven products, Postmark is doing its job best when people can set it and forget it. It should be an extension of their infrastructure.

We‘ve grown from sending 0 to 200,000 transactional emails daily, and Postmark helped us a lot with scaling that process.

Even a single missing email could lose a deal

When it comes to customer support, even a single email lost could mean a frustrated customer or worse, a completely lost deal.

”Delayed emails immediately lead to questions popping up from our customers, like ‘I didn’t receive my password reminder link. Why is it so?’ In case an email does not reach our customer’s inbox (which has never been the case with Postmark), it could sometimes cost him losing a deal with his client.”

Postmark Open Tracking Stats

With Postmark, LiveChat has confidence that their emails are getting to the inbox. With tools like bounce handling, spam complaint reports and open tracking, they react to problems and monitor the performance of their transactional email.

Scaling both outbound delivery and inbound processing

Postmark has been a valuable email solution that helped us easily scale the business up to 10,000 customers.

“We are now sending all transactional emails required for LiveChat through Postmark. This includes new account creation emails, password reminders, automatic chat transcripts, scheduled reports and many more. Additionally, our built-in ticketing system is also handled by Postmark. We intensively use both Outbound emails and Inbound emails with Postmark.”

“Postmark has been a valuable email solution that helped us easily scale the business up to 10,000 customers. Reports and email details have been a great tool for our developers and customer service team. We’re very happy with using Postmark - it’s easy to set up and hassle-free in terms of maintaining it later on.”

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