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Invoice Ninja increases deliverability for their critical emails

  • Customer since April 2015
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  • Emails sent or processed 150k / month

Shalom Stark & Hillel Coren co-founded Invoice Ninja in 2014 with a goal to create the world’s largest open-source platform for invoicing, payments, time-tracking, expense, tracking, and proposal creation to serve the needs of freelancers and small teams.

Invoice Ninja was built first and foremost to serve freelancers and small teams. After exploring the market, the team decided to build the platform open-source. This increased the size of the community helping to build new features and test those new features across countless different environments.

We needed a solution specifically for transactional emails and improved deliverability. After researching all of the options for our user emails, we landed with Postmark as the clear choice for transactional emailing.

Given the nature of invoicing and payments, Invoice Ninja has demanding expectations for an email service provider. Even a single lost email costs the business when that business is sending invoices. Shalom says, "The entire purpose of our platform is to increase efficiency and productivity for solo-preneurs and businesses facilitating payment and their workflow. We need to be 110% certain that the invoice & payment emails are being delivered. Without absolute transactional email delivery, we simply could not operate as a platform, period."

With invoices and payments, tracking email engagement plays a critical role as well. "Tracking is critical for our users to know when an invoice sent for payment has been received, or viewed, or bounced. In order to post to their books, resend, or continue their workflow. This is critical for businesses trying to facilitate invoicing/quotes/payments."

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