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Steve McLeod runs a SaaS company called Feature Upvote, which helps companies consolidate and prioritize product feedback by using simple, online boards with built-in voting functionality. With the company growing, Steve realized his experience with transactional emails needed to improve. It was no longer enough that he could simply send transactional emails. He needed granular detail on delivery, as well as assurance that he wasn't sending emails to fake or erroneous addresses.

Switching was an easy decision

"We send a lot of transactional emails: email verification for new customers, email notifications when things happen, emails to warn customers of trial end dates, weekly summary emails, and so on. With our previous transactional email provider, to find out whether emails were being delivered and opened, we would basically need to have built our own email delivery monitoring system. That was never going to happen."

I'm a strong believer in "don’t build what you can buy," so switching to Postmark was an easy decision.

"Postmark’s server overview has become our tool for making sure scheduled tasks that send large numbers of emails are functioning. While we can monitor this using our own app’s dashboard, Postmark helps us see that the emails were actually delivered, with the content we expected, at the time we expected. We also use a Postmark webhook to be notified of bounced emails. This helps us identify accounts with fake or mistyped email addresses."

Email activity reports save money

"We send weekly summary emails to our customers. Due to a coding error, we were inadvertently sending these emails to canceled accounts and to other people who shouldn't be receiving them. This is the type of action that leads to frustrated recipients marking emails as spam, potentially harming our overall deliverability. It is also not good for our company's reputation."

Postmark's insight into email activity helped us discover a bug. Without Postmark, we would not have realized it was happening.

"We were very grateful to have picked this up. By detecting this bug and some related bugs, we were able to significantly reduce the number of emails we send each month."

Fast and reliable email delivery

"Postmark has been incredibly easy to use, is unfailingly fast and reliable, and the team is always around for quick, efficient help."

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