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With Postmark, Eternia powers not only its own emails, but its clients' as well

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Eternia Digital Dojo is a full-service digital agency based in Tacoma, Washington. Most of its work is in the nonprofit and real estate world. Given the boom Amazon has created in the Pacific Northwest real estate market, there's a lot of demand for its services in this area.

Email delivery for itself and its clients

"We are using Postmark to deliver all of our outbound transactional emails from our servers and client sites. We are thankful for the ability to set up individual servers that we can give some of our bigger clients access to when one of their users complains about an email not being delivered. Though we do have that setup and our clients love it, they never have to use it because everything is delivered."

What Postmark offers is so far beyond anything else, it's hard to imagine what else we would need.

"Needless to say, today our clients, big and small, are all very pleased with the service Postmark offers them. Not only the large sites but the smaller real estate sites that depend on the leads their sites generate via contact forms to be delivered faithfully."

Why choose Postmark

"The pain point that Postmark eventually addressed had been festering since my early days working with Wordpress sites. The hit-and-miss nature of password reset emails and contact forms always frustrated me, but what finally sparked my quest to find the right solution, was working with a few nonprofit clients who had asked us to build Wordpress-based sites that could facilitate online communities consisting of thousands of active users."

It's difficult to put into words how much better Postmark has been than the alternatives and not sound hyperbolic.

"We tried every conceivable in-house solution and ESP, including Mailgun and Sendgrid. All of them had major deliverability issues and that was a big frustration for our clients. Finally, we gave Postmark a try and have never looked back."

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