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DriveWealth reliably delivers crucial regulatory emails with Broadcast Message Streams

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DriveWealth is a financial technology firm that helps banks, fintechs, and global brands build investment experiences. As a registered broker, DriveWealth needs to comply with a range of regulatory requirements. For example, they need to provide all customers who bought shares directly through DriveWealth—or indirectly through one of DriveWealth’s many partners—with their financial audit information.

3-4 times a year, we need to send out legally required communications to millions of customers—many of which don’t hear from us regularly because they typically interact with us through a partner. Delivering these messages reliably has been a huge challenge for us.

Ensuring that their financial audit information reaches all customers is crucial for DriveWealth. At the same time, the nature of these emails is prone to trigger multiple warning signs at inbox providers. Not only is it a message that’s sent infrequently, but it’s also sent to millions of recipients at once—many of which don’t typically receive email from DriveWealth. Plus, since it’s legally required information, there’s no unsubscribe link on this type of email. So it’s no surprise that finding a service provider that can deliver these crucial emails reliably has been a challenge for the DriveWealth team.

We've tried other well-known email providers. Some would not let us send this type of email at all because it falls into the awkward middle between marketing and transactional email. Others would let us send the message—but would run into deliverability issues due to volume as well as spam complaints. Postmark's support team was extremely responsive and worked extensively with us on the send schedule to avoid these issues.

Sending bulk email reliably with Postmark’s Broadcast Message Streams

DriveWealth has trusted Postmark to deliver their transactional email for years. So when Postmark introduced bulk email sending with Broadcast Message Streams, that turned out to be the perfect fit for DriveWealth’s unique needs.

By creating a Broadcast Message Stream for their regulatory messages, DriveWealth was able to isolate their transactional traffic from these critical messages through separate (but parallel) infrastructure and sending IPs. This approach protects the high deliverability and Time-To-Inbox of their transactional messages while also ensuring the reliable delivery of Broadcast sends.

Behind the scenes, the DriveWealth team built a simple marketing-friendly UI to set up the compliance notification and upload a CSV of recipients. The emails were sent using Postmark’s Templates and the Batch API endpoint. The final result was a simple application powered by Postmark’s reliable sending infrastructure, and extremely low bounce and complaint rates.

Customer support and delivery guidance you can count on

A one-off send of millions of emails within a short period of time is likely to raise a red flag with receiving inbox providers, so the DriveWealth and Postmark teams developed a delivery schedule to make this send a success. Together we mapped out a plan that factored in campaign timing, the number of emails sent to each inbox provider, and insights into the best time to send email. Spreading the massive send volume over the course of a few days not only made sure that the emails got delivered, it also gave the team an opportunity to closely monitor the send performance and intervene should that ever be necessary.

Many tech providers charge extra for premium support. Postmark doesn’t and still, the level of support we’ve received was exceptional and very time-sensitive. Thanks to the fantastic product documentation and the hands-on support from Postmark’s product and deliverability experts, we were able to get set up for the send in just days.

No interventions were needed though: The send went smoothly, and with a delivery rate of 99.2% the DriveWealth team saw better results than ever before—without the headaches.

Sending these crucial compliance emails has always been an incredibly stressful task for our team due to the sheer volume and lack of correspondence with these end users. Thanks to Postmark, the process is now a whole lot easier.

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