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Carbonmade gives Postmark a big stamp of approval

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This is a guest post penned by Carbonmade co-founder Spencer Fry. Thanks Spencer!

At Carbonmade, an online portfolio service for artists, every conversation about picking a new service provider begins with “Who does it the best?” and “Are they people we want to work with?"

We ran our own internal transactional email system for the longest time, but growth and time constraints meant figuring out who could handle it better. After lots of research, chatting with industry friends, and repeatedly getting “Postmark” in response, we made the change.

Doing email right is a complicated business but Postmark just works. And it’s pretty! We’re a design first company and truly appreciate the sweet aesthetics in the graphs and such. Postmark is stupidly easy to use and completely rock-solid. No downtime whatsoever.

As far as features go, we dig the notifications of bounces and emails that get marked as spam. It allows us to reach out to folks through another channel or simply removing their email address from our mailings. It clears a bunch of headaches that would otherwise get in the way of the cool stuff we’re busy building on any given day.

Simply put - working with Postmark is a no-brainer and we recommend it highly.

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