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BillQ needed easy implementation and delivery diagnostics. Found Postmark. Love.

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Zack Gilbert is the lead developer of a small product development company in Rochester NY. We found out that he’d recently switched to using Postmark to deliver important reminders for their bill management tool BillQ. When people are paying to be reminded to pay their bills, those reminders had better show up and show up on time! So we asked what led him to choose Postmark.

...we had been receiving reports from some of our users that they weren’t receiving their emails and we discovered that some ISPs and email providers (like Hotmail) were just straight up blocking all emails from us. So we decided to look into other options.

Really, it was the ease that sold me on Postmark. Postmark had an already existing PHP library that I was able to very easily and quickly implement into my pre-existing code.

So simplicity got Zack BillQ hooked, but what keeps them around?

We’d been keeping logs of our emails that’d we’d been sending, plus some other basic tracking stats, but the Postmark activity page is great. Now, even if we do have a customer that has had emails bounced, we know about it before they even contact us about it.

Thanks to Zack for sharing with us. What about you - how are you using Postmark? Let us know!

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