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1Password creators trust Postmark for delivering license and receipts

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It takes a good amount of trust in a company to handle your critical transactional emails, and we consider it a huge vote of confidence that a company that WE use and trust - 1Password creators AgileBits Inc. — chose Postmark to handle delivery of their customer’s purchase receipts and license files.

Dave Teare, founder of AgileBits, Inc., commented on our setup & installation:

It was incredibly easy to setup Postmark. In under 10 minutes I had the first test working and rolling it out to production was just as easy.

We also asked him about how he’s using some of our more advanced features, and he gave us some insight into how Postmark is not only providing business intelligence, but how he plans to use our bounce handling to help his customer service team be more proactive:

I love the tagging. It allows me to quickly see how many emails we’re sending and why. Before Postmark, I had no clue how many emails we were sending and why. Detecting bounced emails is also very interesting. I plan on alerting our customer service team when a bounce occurs so we can proactively followup with customers.

If you’re not already using 1Password for securely storing and recalling all of your important account credentials (like, ahem, your Postmark login!), you’re missing out!

Special thanks to Dave and Roustem for being loyal Postmark customers and sharing their experience.

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