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Speaking of From names...

I was thinking after my last post, that there’s another common From name used by web apps. It’s becoming common to send certain emails from a person at a company, such as the founder, CEO, leader, etc. This has never been common in larger corporations, but the essence of many web apps is in the personal connection. We do this sometimes with our products. As the person charged with our product development, I’ve sent emails that I’ve signed personally, allowing our customer to reply directly to me, instead of a support email, generating a support ticket.

I wonder what this means for delivery? I’ve often thought about the idea and need to be consistent with your From name and email address, so your recipients recognize you. But, every time we send an email from someone instead of something, we get a tremendous response. Maybe in our industry, it’s becoming much more accepted. I recently received an email from Litmus, a fantastic company that provides email analytics tools. The email came from their founder, Paul. I opened it, because I knew who he is and the subject told me it was Litmus. And I’ll be honest, I thought it was pretty cool that he emailed me from his “personal” address. I’m curious to see how others succeed (or fail) with using a personal From name as opposed to a company name.

What do you tend to use as your from name? Have you notice a difference? We’d love to hear your feedback.

Natalie Nagele

Natalie Nagele

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