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Maintenance at 1am, plus an inside look at our architecture

Starting at 1am EST tomorrow (August 4th), the Postmark web app will be down while we migrate the Linode instances to a closer data center to the core sending engine. The API and SMTP servers will NOT be affected.

Some background on our architecture: #

When you sign up or login to Postmark, the web app and interface is completely separate from the servers and code that send email. We did this originally to ensure the entire sending engine is built on top of an API. When you access the web app (a Rails app) it connects to the core Postmark service (a .NET app) via the API. Since this is the case, we host the web app at Linode and the core service in our dedicated Rackspace environment.

At the moment, the Linode instances are in the Dallas data center, yet our Rackspace environment is in Virginia. To decrease latency in the web app, we will move our Linode instances to a closer data center (Atlanta).

As you can imagine, there is a lot more to our API than we currently have open to the public. We plan to open this up over time so you can do even more with Postmark. For instance, creating servers or adding sender signatures. For now, just keep reading our blog and following @postmarkapp on Twitter to stay up to date.

Chris Nagele

Chris Nagele

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