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All aboard Postmark’s first ever webcomic, “Postmark Express: Journey to the Inbox”

You’ve got mail! But how did it get here?

Our Journey to the Inbox webcomic follows an email’s incredible journey through the Wild West of the internet. Getting an email to Outlook Oasis can’t be so hard, one would think. But in a world where spam filter watchdogs guard the inbox and gangs of nosey phishers and scammers are looking to score big, even the most important emails sometimes just don’t make it.

Saddle your horses and get ready for adventure as we tell a tale of friendship, dedication, and the courage to deliver to the inbox. With a few dog jokes along the way.

Postmark Express - The only webcomic about the Wild West of sending emails | Product Hunt

Well butter my buns and call me a dog biscuit! Postmark Express: Journey to the Inbox, Postmark’s first-ever webcomic, has just launched and hey howdy hey are we excited to share it with you!

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I know, I know… a webcomic about email? Paw-lease! But don’t be like that, now! We promise it’s so much more than just a dry, educational webpage with a few stock art photos slapped on top.

No siree Bob!

We’re talking about 75 got deng gloriously illustrated comic panels jam-packed with more email and dog jokes than you can wag a tail at. Follow the classic story of two fully clothed bipedal dogs trying to deliver an important email across the inhospitable lands of the Wild West Internet, coming snout-to-nose with the Nosey Gang of phishers and standing off against the toughest spam filter pup this side of the Rockies. Yeehaw!

And here you were, thinking email just appeared in the inbox after hitting the send button like some kind of hokey pokey magic! Hey. No judgment. But seriously, if that’s what you thought then you definitely need to check this out.

The Postmark Express: Journey to the Inbox webcomic is the perfect bedtime story for your kid, the much-needed distraction when you should be working on that TPS report, or the ever-important educational tool for when your parent texts you wondering why this totally legit email about inheriting one million dollars in rare jewels was in their spam folder.

If this webcomic is barking up the right tree, we’d love it if you checked us out on Product Hunt or shared some puppy love on Twitter.

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