Looking for a Mailchimp Transactional alternative?

At Postmark, transactional email isn't just an add-on. It's at the heart of what we do. Let’s put an end to deliverability issues—give Postmark a spin, and get 100 emails/month (every month!) at no cost.

👍 Why folks love Mailchimp Transactional:

Let’s talk about the elephant in the room: You were just looking for Mailchimp Transactional (the artist formerly known as Mandrill) alternatives, and now you’re here. On the Postmark website. And Postmark, you guessed it, is a Mailchimp Transactional alternative. But we aren't here to start a smear campaign. Actually, there are a lot of great reasons why folks love Mailchimp Transactional:

  • 💼 Sub account support
  • 🐒 Backed by Mailchimp, the email elders
  • 📧 Handy templates for transactional needs

👎 But hey, no one’s perfect!

And we’ve heard from folks like you that there are some not-so-great things about Mailchimp Transactional:

  • 💸 Confusing pricing (what is a “block” of emails anyway?) and the occasional upselling mischief
  • 🥈 Transactional email is an add-on—not a core product
  • 📬 Emails don’t make it to the inbox as reliably as other providers
  • ⏳ Customer support could be...quicker?

Sound familiar? Reduce the headaches and give Postmark a try!

Get 100 emails/month for free, and take a look at our migration docs for Mailchimp Transactional.

Why real customers have switched to Postmark

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Easy pricing

Our rates? Transparent as a glass of water. No marketing plan required.

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Lightning fast delivery

Your customers expect transactional emails to arrive in the inbox immediately—not eventually. We don't just claim speedy delivery. We share live time-to-inbox data so you can judge for yourself.

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Land in the inbox

Our goal at Postmark is to make email delivery dead simple. We have an acute focus on our email delivery rates—that means getting your email into the inbox, not the spam folder. Otherwise, using Postmark isn’t justified, no matter what additional features we offer.

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Easier set up and integration

Postmark is loved by developers all over the world because it just works.

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Swift technical support

There’s no VIP section for support with Postmark. You can email us and usually hear back in a couple of hours, or you can reach us via live chat during business hours—and we won't redirect you in an endless loop. We have a 95% customer satisfaction rating for a reason.

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Great support as standard

Our knowledgeable support team is always on hand to help, whether it’s through 1-on-1 calls, webinars, email, live-chat or one of our many help docs and guides.

Customer Happiness Rating
  • 😃 Great (96%)
  • 🙂 Okay (1%)
  • 😔 Not Good (3%)

Customer feedback gathered through Help Scout over the past 60 days.

We’re here to help!

Take a moment to meet our customer success team.

  • Abdullah Al-hennawy Abdullah
  • Anita Pericic Anita
  • Anna Ward Anna
  • Brian Kerr Brian
  • Dana Chaby Dana
  • Fionnuala Walls Fionnuala
  • Ignacio Roig Ignacio
  • Jordan Dibb Jordan
  • Natalie Keshlear Natalie
  • Natalie Robles Natalie
  • Shelley Jeżewska Shelley
Postmark VS Mailchimp

Compared to Mailchimp Transactional, G2 reviews say Postmark wins in the following categories:

  • Ease of use
  • Ease of setup
  • Ease of admin
  • Quality of support
  • Product as a good partner in doing business
  • Product direction (% positive)
  • Detailed server logs
  • Notifications
  • Webhooks
  • Event tracking API
  • Mail send API
  • Spam filter testing
  • Custom tracking domain
  • Multiple domains
  • Dedicated IP
  • Documentation
  • Sender reputation management
  • Tracking and reporting
  • Enterprise scalability
  • Performance and reliability

Customers that already made the switch

We use Postmark for the important emails: password resets, order confirmations, email confirmations. These are the emails our users, and their customers, can’t afford to miss.

Spencer Fry

Spencer Fry

Founder at Podia

As a solo founder, I'm always reviewing and evaluating 3rd party providers. Can I get a better deal? Can I find another service that is more reliable? I’ve stopped asking those questions with Postmark. It hits the trifecta of great customer support, excellent service, and good/affordable pricing. I’m all in for Postmark!

Philip Manavopoulos

Philip Manavopoulos

Founder at Doorbell

Postmark’s API is consistent, super stable, and fast. The UI has remained consistent. The brand looks almost the same. There's a sense of continuity rather than flux. Not constant changes in the branding or UI, or chasing unnecessary features. Postmark has done a really good job of growing and changing in little ways that are beneficial, not detrimental, to me as a customer.

Justin Britten

Justin Britten

Founder & CEO at Prefinery

Easy to set up. Great API. Rapid mail delivery and no spam issues. We moved from Mandrill because of terrible deliverability and am pleased to say it’s been well worthwhile....we’ve even saved money. Thanks Postmark Team….you rock!!

Ben Jemison

General Manager at CircleLoop

Here’s a full breakdown of how Postmark compares to Mailchimp Transactional

Postmark Mandrill
Transactional emails
Bulk/broadcast email
(New in Postmark: Send your promotional or bulk email via Broadcast Message Streams.)
Separate infrastructure for transactional and bulk email
Comprehensive official libraries
Community libraries
Spam score checking
Spam complaint handling
Bounce handling
Shared IPs
Dedicated IPs
(Auto-managed based on individual sending volume)
Separate environments with servers
Pre-made email templates
Template engine
Inbox preview
(Available when you send with Postmark Templates)
($3/test for Litmus Visual tests)
Scheduled delivery
A/B testing
Email address validation
Seen something inaccurate? Let us know.
Postmark Mandrill
Inbound email processing
RegEx matching on all email headers ("routes")
Chain multiple filters
UTF-8 encoding
Strip signature and quote blocks
Spam filtering
Seen something inaccurate? Let us know.
Postmark Mandrill
Delivery rates
Bounce rates
Open rates
Click tracking
Unsubscribe tracking
Spam rates
Full message storage
(45 days)
(30 days)
Automatic tagging
Custom tagging
Custom header metadata tag
Custom tracking domain
Geolocation data
Email client and device tracking
Real-time notifications
Seen something inaccurate? Let us know.
Postmark Mandrill
Time to Inbox
System availability API
Service availability API
Seen something inaccurate? Let us know.
Postmark Mandrill
Opportunistic TLS
Enforced TLS
Seen something inaccurate? Let us know.
Postmark Mandrill
Dedicated support team
24/7 support
Email support
Phone support
Live chat
Seen something inaccurate? Let us know.
10,000 emails
125,000 emails
700,000 emails
Annual Savings $300 /year $60 /year $828 /year
Postmark Includes great deliverability and support as standard $15 /mo. $115 /mo. $455 /mo.
Mandrill Includes the required subscription to a paid MailChimp plan $40.00 /mo. $120.00 /mo. $524.00 /mo.

Does Postmark offer a free trial?

All new accounts start off on our free developer plan with 100 emails per month. Use it for however long you need, it doesn’t expire.

Do you offer high-volume plans?

Yes! Contact us to learn more about our high-volume pricing.

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