Postmark Express - Journey to the inbox

Act 4

The Good, The Bad, and The Poorly Coded

Act 4

A close up of Sheriff Wild Ear looking fierce

Outlook Oasis ain't big enough for the two of us, Billy the Pup. And you've made one fatal mistake.

A stand off between Sheriff Wild Ear and a Billy the pup, a bulldog cowpoke

Oh yeah? And what’s that, Sheriff Wild Ear?

Sheriff Wild Ear looking gritty

Your Authentication is sound. But you’re trying to send to a recipient who doesn't even exist. 550 bounce ’em, boys!

Sheriff Wild Ear bouncing Billy the pup off into the desert Bow wowounceeeeee

Bad dog! Bounce back to where you came from!

Sheriff Wild Ear standing in from of the MTA ready for business

All right then. Who's next?

Recipient MTA

A nervous jordan tries walking away, Mary grabbing his handkerchief pulling him back

we tried.

Don't be such a scaredy dog!

Mary dragging Jordo by the handkerchief while he looks at the letter

Sheriff Wild Ear Hickok runs Outlook Oasis’ MTA. He’ll be able to sniff out our next stop.

A close up of Jordan looking worried

Wait, backspace up. I thought we already visited the MTA?!

Mary dragging Jordo up to the recipient MTA building

That was the sending MTA, Jordo! This is the receiving MTA. For ruff sake, almost like you’ve never hand delivered an email before!

Sheriff Wild Ear peering down at their letter

Got a Outlook Oasis delivery, eh? authentication looks to be in order. Great IP Reputation, too! And yeah, I’ve heard of your recipient!

Sheriff Wild Ear pointing

No bouncing for you! Calamity Jane, our fearless MDA, can help lead you to the recipient’s inbox. She’s just ‘round back, thataway!

Jordan facepalming while Calamity Jane, who is in a dog cone, looks shocked. The cone is so big you can't see her face!

You gotta be kidding me.


Recipient MDA

A sad Calamity Jane

For the love of POP3, I can’t deliver your email to the MUA’s mailbox right now! I just got my tail handed to me by a spam filter!

Jordan looking at his letter talking to Calamity Jane

Mary was just telling me how you're the most rootin' tootinest MDA out there, Miss Calamity. Please. We really need your help getting to the inbox.

I am pretty rootin’ tootin’...

Jordan walking with Mary while Calamity Jane on a leash

This is weird

Welcome to the Internet

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